"I'm crazy about EcoPots. I use a variety of pot sizes for succulents, dwarf fruit trees and flowers on my decks. Being a lifetime gardener, I have grown every kind of tomato in the ground and baskets. However, I've never had such spectacular results as the whopper plants I've grown in EcoPots. The 8 to 10 foot plants grown in the 19" pots were covered with lush, delicious fruit-- and still was eating tomatoes from some of the plants into December--very unusual in the Northwest. Using a good soil mix, tomato fertilizer, calcium in the soil and mycorrhizae on the roots, the plants very quickly filled the containers with roots. Getting water into the roots is super easy in the summer heat with the plants drawing water from the reservoir. Visitors to my gardens were ALL awed by the plants. Another great benefit of these pots is that they can be re-used season after season." 

Judy Hargreaves
Master Gardener Vancouver Washington


As many of you know, my Mom is a WSU Master Gardener. Gardening is definitely her passion. Last night I got a tour of her yard and it is nothing short of amazing. Not only huge, beautiful, healthy plants, but a ton of varieties not usually found in the northwest, including several different types of citrus trees (lime, Tangelo, Ponderosa lemon, Myer lemon, grapefruit).

Here are some pictures of the biggest tomato plants she has ever grown, with the most fruit. I had to ask the “recipe” and share it with you. Of course she used all products that we offer. 

Containers: 19” Eco Pots by Eco Growing System – she loves these planters. Effective & easy to use.

Media: Sunshine #4

Plant food: Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer 5-7-3

Additive: Mycos by RTI/Xtreme Gardening – a new addition this year that she believes made a huge difference. Padded on roots per suggestion by Patrick V. 

I also included a picture of a Cardoon Artichoke, which I thought was very cool.