The Growing System today for Growing Medical Cannabis and beyond 


Irrigation Engineering is a tried and true method that was introduced over 15  years ago with over 30 of the largest Ornamental Foliage Growers in south Florida Eco Grow Pot for the specific purpose of: 

  • To eliminate Over/Under watering syndrome
  • Reduce  water usage significantly
  • To eliminate water runoff and ground water contamination
  • To reduce high cost of labor relating to irrigation 

Through the scientific effort of Dr. Charles Conover, University of Florida, Inventor of Eco Grow Pot (Systems) and major Florida Grower Herman Englemann, owner of the largest Greenhouse operation in USA, the Eco Grow Pot were initially installed with 10,000 Eco Grow Pots to test the beginning of what is now known as ECO IRRIGATION ENGINEERING.

The setup  consisted in setting up Zones for watering with 3 GPH pressure compensating emitters, 10000’ ½” tubing, electronic moisture sensors, 8 clocks with timers, pressure regulators, etc.

The results were revolutionary and demonstrated:

  • That all varieties of Ornamental Foliage irrigated in Automated Eco Growing Pot Systems grew 50 % faster
  • Water usage and waste was reduced by up to 50%
  • Root systems were established  7 times greater than by traditional irrigation methods
  • Zero Water runoff was achieved 

This allowed the growers to grow their crops up to 50% faster, cut water usage and labor costs up to 50% .  They able to ship to their retail customers in the Eco Grow Pots with no less and with a guaranteed shelf life up to 14 days with the water remaining in the reservoir during transit.     

The Eco Grow Pots were moved outdoors for large Field Production and setup as the way for the Greenhouse Growers with the automated Irrigation Engineering for growing Crop Production and was compared the tradition overhead watering irrigation used by the growers.  The results again were revealing and revolutionary: 

  • The EPA endorsed Eco  Irrigation Engineering method as it eliminated water runoff, and ground water contamination.
  • Water usage was reduced by 52%
  • Crops grew 50% faster
  • Roots established 7 times greater than by traditional irrigation methods
  • Florida Department of Agriculture endorsed Eco  Growing Systems Irrigation Engineering as it eliminated nematodes invading and destroying root systems from water runoff.
  • The were and are labor savings per acre. 

The Eco  Irrigation Engineering eliminated Environmental & Ecological problems that were majors concerns to the Florida Department of Agriculture and EPA.

Results demonstrated that the Eco Grow System with its built in reservoir and drain system and by using its pressure compensating emitters which release water at 5 GPH, coupled with reservoir capacity , the system was managed with exacting results.  An electronic moisture system was used to measure and detect moisture level in crops with 100 and up to 10000 Eco Pots in production, water was released based on need and by climate temperatures automatically.

The over 30 Growers who grew large crops both indoors and outdoors for Interior Plantscape Companies and major retail Garden Centers used the Irrigation Engineering method to reduce high labor costs and achieve faster crop production.

 Englemann Greenhouses was the first major Grower to grow over million plants for major retailers as Home Depot, Lowes, under Brand name angel Plants using the Eco Grow Pots for the following benefits to the Grower and Retailer. 

Benefits to the Grower: 

  • Grow all plants in Eco Grow Pots and ship to all customers, retailers across country.  Plants stay fresh and healthy as the reservoir held water for plants up to 14 days.
  • Top retailers aka, home Depot began guaranteeing plants for one year grown in the Eco Grow Pots.  

Benefits to Retailers: 

  • Eco Grown Plants in Eco Pot cut in store labor costs as they had to water plants daily, whereas Eco Pots reservoir had 14 storage capacity in maintaining plants in store.
  • Store personnel claimed “Eco grown plants looked like Movie Stars” compared to regular grown plants.
  • Eco grown plants metabolized pollutants in Air and produced Clean Air.

The Eco Irrigation Engineering is now being used extensively throughout the Hydroponic Industry for growing all varieties of Foliage. Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit trees, and Medical Cannabis. 

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