about1.jpgWith over 20 years of research that I have done in developing and patenting Subirrigated growing systems in our Eco Grow Pots with the built in reservoir and drainage system, it has generated plant growth and a built in maintenance system that has provided multiple benefits to the emerging grower population.  The types of benefits I have found fall into 3 categories: ecological, environmental and economic.  The Eco Grow System has been the choice that provides the best overall solution to the grower’s needs, based on scientific tests provided by Dr. Wesley Jarrell, Professor of Horticulture Science at the University of California. 


The heart of success of Subirrigation is providing the optimal ecological habitat for the plant root system.  Healthy roots are primary supporters for healthy plants.  Well designed Subirrigated containers as the Eco Grow Pots with built in reservoirs and drain system do this better than any other growing system. 


With the Eco Grow Pots, plant roots have continuous access to adequate water.  There are NO  periods of intermittent wetting and drying that can weaken a root system.  In conventional systems, roots can actually be killed by excessive drying or overwatering.

In the Eco Grow System with a reservoir, a “stable gradient” in water content is created and maintained above the water level in the reservoir.  Each layer of the soil media in the Grow Pot sees only small fluctuations and function at maximum capacity.  Roots of plants that enjoy moist conditions will seek the mixture near the bottom of the Grow Pot , while those that do less well in wet soil can develop most fully in surface layers. 


Roots need oxygen just as we do for their metabolism.  Roots of many plants can adapt to a variety of conditions in soils, but typically do best when conditions are stable.  Roots can even develop special tissue called “aerenchyma” that transports air from plants to roots internally, something like our respiratory system.    In many cases, though, these roots are very susceptible  to drying, so under rapid wetting and drying conditions, they may collapse.

The extremely stable oxygen gradient in the Eco Grow Pots  means roots will have nearly constant oxygen conditions wherever they develop.  Those at the top  will have access  to more oxygen than those at the bottom and can adjust appropriately.  Without drastic wetting and drying, roots developed under one set of conditions will continue to function under those conditions and can do so very effectively, thus taking out the overwatering, under watering syndrome.

Oxygen usually enters soil media from the top.  With the Eco Grow Pot that that have around perimeter of Pot , oxygen can enter the moist soil from near bottom of Pot and through these holes provide even better oxygen supply to the roots. 

Nutrients & Salts 

To provide the best plant nutrition in the Eco Grow Pots, nutrient concentrations need to be maintained low but balanced and constant. When roots are healthy, they are ready they are ready to take up the nutrient quantities required for rapid and prolific growth.

In the Eco Grow Pots, there’s no significant wetting or drying, so salts aren’t concentrated within the soil media during drying periods.  In contrast, in conventional irrigation systems, when the soil media is wet, fertilizer salts are dilute and cause no problem; but when the soil  dries, salts become concentrated and become potentially toxic.

Water and fertilizers contain salts, excess amounts of which can cause problems for all varieties of plants if not corrected.  In the Eco Grow Subirrigated Pots, salts rise uniformly to the surface in water that evorporates.  We call this phenomenon “inverted leeching”.  In conventional pots, salts must be removed by flushing them out the bottom of container.  In using the Eco Grow Subirrigated Pots, the surface half inch of soil media, which contains essentially all the concentrated salt, can be removed and replaced with fresh soil media.  This decreases the need for excess water applications. 

Disease and Pests 

One secret of healthy plants is keeping disease organisms out of the Grow Pot.  Most organisms come from other infected plants.  With other systems, , because the potting mix and roots are not in contact with ground or gravel, disease organisms and pest have a greater difficulty moving from infected to healthy plants.  As a result, plants can stay healthy.

Secondly, healthy root systems not stressed by drought, overwatering, or salinity are much more resistant to infection.  They are less “leaky” and more able to fight infection should it be initiated.  Even infected roots are less susceptible to disease symptoms, because the rest of root system is so efficient and active. 


There are two  aspects of the environment that the Eco Grow Subirrigated Pots  enhance: Resource conservation and improvement of the environment surrounding humans at home and work. 

Resource Conservation 

In the past, containers have been watered from the top-by hand or by using overhead irrigation.  With overhead irrigation, in most cases, less than half the irrigation water enters the pot.  Much of what does enter the container is lost out the bottom. 


about2.jpgThe Eco Growing Subirrigation Pots(System) was developed looking at the organic processes in nature that have allowed plants to flourish for thousands of years.  You could say that there is truly some magic in the way capillary  action has been harnessed to ensure plant roots have constant access to water and nutrients, while maintaining a high degree of aeration. As we have proven in our scientific research, water and nutrients are important, but the significance of having lots of air available to the roots cannot be overlooked for healthy growth and bigger yields.

Capillary action is created by the porosity level in your soil media preferably using soilless mixes with coir (coco fiber) with perlite that creates air space in the soilless media(I call it oxygenation) which cause a physical process causing adhesion which in turn draws the water from reservoir in the Eco Grow Pot, and allows the plants metabolism to take the water it needs.  Need is created by the climate of your environment. 

In essence, each Eco Grow Pot has a built in reservoir that sits in bottom of Pot.  A specially designed insert separates the soil media (well aerated coco fiber) from the reserve of nutrient solution that sits below.  The insert  allows the growing media  to contact the nutrient solution  at several points or “pillars”  providing the necessary wicking (capillary action) capacity without saturating the soil media with water, which would starve plant roots of oxygen.  This patented process is as fool proven as possible for growers looking for full proof way to grow and to adapt to the automated Grow System that Eco Growing has introduced to the Hydroponic Industry through it distributor network which includes Hydrofarm, Sunlight, BWGS and Great Lakes.

In summary, the Eco Grow Subirrigation System  only draws the water as needed  and work simultaneously with constant oxygenation  in the soilless mix to grow healthy plants without stressing the immune system.  For more information contact Eco Ernie on our hotline at 855 443-7643. 


It should be noted that after years of scientific testing, the Eco Grow Subirrigated Grow System has demonstrated  faster growth with little or zero infestation due to over/under watering syndrome  which means faster turnaround times than traditional growing methods: more production in less space.  This could mean expanding production capacity without additional space or significant capital investment. 

Many growers are under the gun with environmental regulation especially for outdoor production.  In a scientific  test under the direction by Dr. Cheryl Wilen, director of Biological Sciences at UC Davis, the Eco Grow System was tested against traditional overhead watering in California, and the results were astounding.  In summary, the Eco Grow Subirrigation  was set up with a single 24 volt value system with its pressure compensating emitters vs. Overhead watering by State of California.  The scientific results demonstrated that the Eco Grow System grew all varieties of Plants 50% faster, the root systems were 7 times greater than traditional irrigation with ZERO  water runoff or pesticide spraying from airborne disease.

For more detailed results, call Eco Ernie Hot Line (855) 443-7643

There are similar research studies available for  the economics of indoor growing and for Greenhouse growing also. 

Finally, by utilizing the Eco Grow Subirrigation Systems , the end user will see less energy  and water used for growing and maintenance: less loss of plants and infestation, less frequent watering  and fertilization, healthier plants year around.  This create demand for your grow to consumers or for your own home gardening.