The Eco Grow Pot is not your average pot, join the future of growing!

Our Eco automated growing system has been used by large commercial growers for more than 22 years. It offers the most efficient, cost effective way to grow. You will see substantial cost savings in water, energy, and labor.

Each of our products are compatible of indoor and outdoor growing. Our Eco-designed recyclable pots eliminate over/under watering, as well as runoff, making it currently the most energy efficient grow system available.

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Why Choose Us

With over 20 years of research that I have done in developing and patenting Subirrigated growing systems in our Eco Grow Pots with the built in reservoir and drainage system, it has generated plant growth and a built in maintenance system that has provided multiple benefits to the emerging grower population.


"I'm crazy about EcoPots. I use a variety of pot sizes for succulents, dwarf fruit trees and flowers on my decks. Being a lifetime gardener, I have grown every kind of tomato in the ground and baskets.

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